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Our evaluation of brands is based on how well they exemplify the tenets of disruptive brand growth through ingenious storytelling, a vibrant brand tribe, and an exceptional brand experience that drives evident growth.

Brand Experience

Brands will be scored based on the quality of their expression across online and offline touchpoints. Brands that have great brand experiences will have a distinct, memorable, and simple visual identity system that is consistently expressed across ads, physical spaces, posters, websites, app and other touchpoints. We will take into account the adoption of product design and brand design principles in deploying brand experiences.

Ingenious Storytelling

Brands will be scored based on how well they tell their story and maintain humanity in a digitally-driven society. In judging this, we will pay attention to the consistency of brand narratives, the authenticity of brand tone and level of empathy deployed in communication.

Brand Tribe

We will take into account how brands have tapped into current social realities to inspire and fuel community; building upon great customer experiences to build trust and make fans out of customers.

To make our first long list, brands had to fulfil the following criteria which were selected to fulfil the ideology of the report which is built around being new, African and tech-powered.

  • Not more than 10 years of existence or active operation.

  • Either founded, co-founded, owned or co-owned by an individual who is a citizen of an African country.

  • Active in at least one African country and serves the local market.

  • Be of an organization or product built around a B2C innovation primarily powered by technology.